quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2006


It’s so hard to believe …but I wanna you here right now
Let’s do the wrong the right way…
And let’s forget what everybody says about the love
Sometimes I think about us and I can’t see the future
But I wanna you here right now... Just now
And then we can do everything and we gonna see how is little the time and the space is so small for the love
And I wanna believe without you I will live better
And I wanna hide who I am
I can’t see myself on the mirror and I wanna see me
If just one day I see me
I can die…
Cause we belong to us
And this day…the perfect day…
All the lies come true
All the pains comes laughs
And what everybody say turn music and we will can dance
We can smile
And we can be happy
Forever and ever
Until the days
Until today.
Just... Today
We gonna be happy.

Thiago Eury Bezerra

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