quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2006

Grow up

Is so hard to listen “men cannot cry”
Is so hard when you’re not around
Is so hard to know I cannot cry
Is so hard when I cannot say “I love you”
And see you going away with another person
Is so difficult to tell you about my feelings
But I didn’t grow up...
I’m just a boy… a little boy…
Can I cry?
Can I say how I love you?
Is so difficult look at you and cannot say
How you’re beautiful today
And ask about your life
But I’m just a little boy
Can I say how I love you?
Can I say I’m in love?
Is so hard to say
But I have to say
Before you fade away
I don’t wanna be just one friend
I don’t wanna see you in love for somebody else
I just wanna say I love you
Stay with me at night
Stay with me all my life
Stay with me tonight
While I still can say I love you
And I still can cry
Let’s do on our own
Follow me
Turn around and say
I love you
Before I get out of here
Before I grow up
Before I say... goodbye.

Thiago Eury 30-08-2005

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